Thursday, December 23, 2010


I must say this every Christmas but WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE! Its been a busy one. Moving countries, house, careers, starting Aunty's, renovating & living out of a suitcase. temporarily again Endless list of madness but, hey I create it!

I am flying off to Oz tomorrow for Xmas with the in-laws in sunny (but windy) Geelong & I cant wait to sit on their deck with a big glass of bubbly in hand and watch Oscar play with his cousins and break new toys which is what Xmas is really all about. I had hoped to post a pic of Oscar inside Santa's Grotto on my blog but this is as far as we got as the grotto was pretty creepy & scary this year. Pauline Harper who designed it is legally blind with just 3% of her sight & paints/designs from memory & her dreams. Her interpretation of Santa's elves are more goblin like which I don't think little Oscar is ready for yet (he freaks out at wobbly eyed lions on Teletubbies!). So here we are on the outside of the grotto missing out on the wondrous world of Santaland .


Love Aunty Stef xx

Monday, December 13, 2010

RECIPE - Fish Pie

At last someone is selling fish at the Farmers Market and I bought some smoked filleted kawhai on the weekend. Kawhai is a NZ sea trout and the flesh holds firm when its smoked and is a bit "gamey" I guess if a fish can be gamey. Its a bit cooler today & at last raining after the driest 2 months on record here in Taranaki, so a hearty fish pie was perfect for tonight's dinner.

I amended my normal recipe to make this a little healthier than normal but using soy milk instead of normal milk, rice flour & kumara (sweet potato) instead of starchy spuds.

This was so delicious I ate WAY too much of this tonight and currently sitting on the couch about to pop!


50g butter
2T rice flour
2c soy milk
1c chicken stock
1c smoked fish
1 c prawns or scallops (frozen fine)
1T chopped parsley
1 med diced onion
1 bay leaf
salt & pepper

Melt butter on LOW heat, add onion & cook until soft then remove from heat. Stir in rice flour until thoroughly mixed. Stir in 1 cup of soy and return to LOW heat. When mixed add chick stock, mix, then add 2nd cup of soy and mix thoroughly. Add parsley, bay leaf & seasoning.The sauce shouldn't get gluey but should still be "stiff" (see pic for consistency). Add in prawns and fish and turn off heat once prawns are pink. Remove bay leaf.TOPPING
4 largish kumara
Parmesan shavings
salt n pepper

Boil kumara and mash.

Oil a small but deep dish and pour in sauce. Top with kumara mash and run fork through so you get rows of ridges. Sprinkle on cheese & season and place in centre of 160 degree fan oven. Bake for 20-30 mins and grill top for last 5 mins. Let pie sit for 10 mins before serving. I like this served with a big spoonful of peas. Ugh I am so full but this was so YUM!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Christmas Tree

The poor old Xmas tree decorations are a bit sparse. A few beads & tin baubles. And an old dolly come angel perched on top.

And this is why!! Oh dear. Oscar wants to drag the beads around playing choo choo trains with them. He's having so much fun with this game but I am waiting for little tiny beads to spray everywhere any minute now. I might need to get some kitchsy tinsel to put up so it doesn't look so sad & bare.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aunty's New Pinny

Now the weather is warmer I'm not wearing my big jacket at the market each week and have a serious lack of pockets for cash, phone and snacks. What no pockets! Yep. So I whipped up an apron in between baking and amusing my toddler which I have just this minute finished so I can unveil it at tomorrows Farmer's Market.

I wonder if my mother will notice I have made it from a skirt she gave to me some months ago to mend?? Hmmmmm!

Look snappy functional velcro tab too! And contrasts nicely with my stall tablecloth. I think I need to make matching oven mitts now!