Thursday, March 24, 2011

Central District Field Days

Aunty's just back from the Field Days held in Feilding (yeah weird spelling) where I flogged over 100bags of Aunty's Muesli to the hoards of people who went. I think there were about 25,000 people! The weather wasn't that great which wasn't good for sales but in the grand scheme of things I think my little stall did rather well. One poor stall holder only sold 8 bottles of fruit wine one day. But there is a recession on and we all had a fabulous time. Old Busmans Bourbon tent was always pumping!

Little Oscar was a big fan of all the big farm machinery. There we digger races, tractor pulls and lumberjack comps & calf shows. He was a little disappointed with the chainsaw race which actually was 2 men assembling a chainsaw. We wanted noise & woodchips flying guys!

There were lots of helicopters too and the Red Checkers aerobatics were fantastic. Lucky the sun came out for that show but it was too difficult to capture on camera especially when I was peddling my new Pear & Almond Bircher to the masses!

We rented a beach bach at Himatangi Beach which is a little beach spot that seems trapped in a 1950s timewarp which we loved. Lots of kids getting round on dune buggies and you can drive on the beach. We spotted an older gent on a trailbike with 666 on the tank wearing only a leopard print thong on one of our beach walks. Hmmmm!

Managed to get in our last of the summer beach swims. Could have stayed longer but back to the Farmers Market this Sunday!