Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Where has Aunty been you may wonder? Well I have been busy stocktaking, rehashing the website and selling my business to a very lovely lady in Auckland who manages a Gourmet Food business.

Managing Aunty's has been an exciting project for me from the design & baking process to the sales & finance. Running your own business is not for the faint hearted and it tested my mettle many times but was duly rewarded with patience and hard work and created a product that will go far. I think everyone should try stepping out on there own even just to open your eyes and thicken your skin a little. Its a tough world out there at the moment and I admire everyone of my self employed buddies & mentors who are slogging it hard either growing their crops or crafting at home with kids running amok. We work harder than most but make it all seem so easy. Farewell Aunty's and thank you for letting me "Stick It To The Man" & indulge my creative side for 2 years.

Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 - The Year of Women in Music

Happy New Year to you! I sound like my mother here but 2011 FLEW by & was a whirlwind full of crazy, mad & good things. Especially a great year for new music. I mean a GREAT year for WOMEN in music too. So here are some of my favourite artist releases from 2011 in no particular order.


I love the PEEJ and this album has a lot of play this past year. Its kinda an album of protest songs which can come across as terribly  earnest but PJ Harvey pulls it off with patriotic power &  brilliance.


Hello Kate where have you been? I love you and listen to you so much especially when I am alone in the house and tipsy on the wines. My GF and I invented a Metal Kate Bush choreographed dance one night at the Green Room in Melbourne that is how much you are adored in my circle. Only Kate Bush could pull off a concept album about a snowman. Her weird winter wonderland is dedicated to Misty the slowly dissolving snowman. Check it out.....


For the fans of girl group garage we have the fabulous Lykke Li with 60s doo wop that thumps! Great to dance to, to drink to, to sit to.


Putting aside that she is a Kiwi (like me) and also had a smash hit with Gotye, Kimbra is sex & sass in a camp Kylie way and I think I have a girl crush on her. And I love those girly girl outfits in the "Cameo Lover" vid.


Lady Gaga is one crazy lady. I love her creativity & madness & (some) of her anthemic prose. Her costumes and contorted make up is the bomb. She poops all over Madonna who was still working at Dunkin Donuts age 25 yrs. I love her Marilyn Zombie ensemble for the 2011 Grammys duetting with country singer Sugarlady and drumming away on a grand piano. Classy!


Always pushing the boundaries, the year in music wouldn't be complete without mentioning Bjorks "scientific musical".  Most of the tracks are WAY out there with crazy break beats but I do like "Moon" and the Gondry video that goes with it especially as she is playing a harp which doubles as an accessory belt. Coooool.