Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

A whole new world opened up to me today as I attempted my first themed party cake. Now I know why people pay big dollars for perfect looking cakes! I thought I would have a go at something simple like a Pirates Treasure Chest. What could be easier than icing 2 square cakes?

Well for starters I discovered you need to crumb coat icing on in a thin layer first then let that set then revive your icing to put a smooth coating on then thin it out more and apply a final layer. YAWN YAWN YAWN! Oh and don't forget not to slop icing on the platter. Then there is the finishing touches which at 9pm at night was tedious.

Stage 1 - 2 chocolate loaf cakes trimmed to make a Treasure chest. To build the "chest" slice off the rounded top from one of the choc loaves then make a triangle wedge and ice it onto the "flattened" loaf as seen in the loaf pictured on the right. Then sandwich the other loaf on top by "gluing" with icing.

Stage 2 - crumb coat a thing layer of icing all over, let this set in the fridge then put on final icing coats ( I did 3 coats in total refridgerating in between)

Finally - pile on the lollies to hide your stuff ups!

But I am really pleased with the result and the Pirate candle is perfect on top. I can't wait to see Oscar's face when this comes out at his party tomorrow!


  1. Oh its awesome! well done! Thats worthy of a blue ribbon at The Show me thinks!
    How is it propped slighty open to reveal its treasures?

  2. Thanks for the Blue Ribbon Judge Daisy! Themed cakes are really hard arent they. Ooops I forgot to mention how it was assembled! I'll edit my post but I sliced off the rounded top from one of the choc loaves then made a triangle wedge and iced it onto the "flattened" loaf. Then iced the other loaf on top. Hope that makes sense. It was a big big hit with the kids who gobbled down the lollies then attacked the cake like seagulls. You end up with HEAPS of cake too!

  3. Auntie that is the coolest cake ever.

    Which pirate got the treasure though????

  4. mmm that cake looks delicious, if only i could climb into the computer and eat it. Yum!

  5. I am going to make one of these tomorrow - now starting to think I have bitten off more than I can chew!