Friday, April 1, 2011

Kids Room Decor

Aunty's been having a break from baking & muesli since being flat out with the Field Days. Ive been inspired by my mate over at Happy Gas who has been having some creative room makeovers and posting some top links to other blogs for inspiration. So I've been moving some pictures & furniture round here & which is a super cheap way to redecorate.

I've now moved onto decorating the "bunk room" for my 2 year old who is still in a cot but should move into a big bed soon. Here is the room in all its white blandness. I want to have a Sea Creature theme and not sure how the Thomas the Tank Engine duvet covers fit in with this. Hmmm!

So here are the beginnings of the Sea Cave, I'm making a roman blind with some IKEA crabby fabric kindly shipped over from OZ from my sister-in-law. I've also put in an order for some more crabby fabric from my mother in law who will be over in May to make fringed cushions with inspiration from over at My Poppet and I have some fish posters & chalkboard whale stickers also. And other ideas ticking away.

Watch this space!

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  1. The bedroom will be awesome Auntie. Can't wait.