Friday, December 16, 2011

Xmas crafting

Everyone in Blogland is blogging Xmas craft so here is Aunty jumping on the band wagon. My house is starting to look very Christmassy thanks to some clever handmade felt Xmas tree decor posted to me from Oz with love from my mate over at Happygas blog and my own additions of Xmas bunting.

Spotlight have some very cool calico with Scandinavian prints on them. I managed to nab the green reindeer print for a mere $3m. I have used bias binding in the past to make bunting but once I calculated i needed about 18m of binding to dress up 6 windows at $2 per metre plus the cost of my fabric I was blowing my Xmas Scrooge miser budget big time! So I bought 3m of the $3 green fabric, cut 3m by 10cm strips and whipped up my own bias binding.

I also made what I call "cheats" bunting flags which are one sided cut with pinking shears but were quick & easy. Double sided bunting would look great from both sides above windows but time & money wouldn't allow. I think it all looks super cute and more homely than tinsel. 

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